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Ujigami World Class Manufacturing

Customers Appreciate Ujigami

People say tremendous things about our products and our team:

  • “The team at Tutelar quickly solved my quality problem that had put me under my customer's spotlight...”
  • “I didn't know that so much relevant information was available from my shop floor...”
  • “The Ujigami software permits me to put "continuous" back in Continuous Improvement!”
  • “Ujigami is more effective than if I had my best supervisor working 24/7...”
  • “I quickly recovered my investment by eliminating expedited shipments and express shipping costs...”
  • “Ujigami gives me all the information I need, when I need it, wherever I am...”
  • “I finally have a tool that contains the information and knowledge to leverage the abilities of my people...”
  • “Not only does Ujigami protect my customer from my issues, it also protects me from my customer's issues.”

 Our products are in many of your customers' and competitors' sites. Contact Us to find out how we can accelerate your manufacturing facility!
Let the Ujigami Guy take care of your business!
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