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Where Ujigami Fits

Ujigami WMS is the fastest, most flexible, full-featured warehouse management system available, enabling the use of low-cost hardware with maximum results.

Functionality Ujigami Notes
Management Reporting Ujigami browser-based reports permit click-through and drill-down analysis, and  one-click “Send to Excel” for one-off analysis
Picking Ujigami includes high visibility graphical user displays (includes product pictures)
Receiving Ujigami includes ability to inspect and mark/ track defects, and show Quality Alerts
Directed Put-away Put away locations can be predefined, or automatically optimized by Ujigami
Counting Complete cycle counts and physical inventory faster with more accuracy
Locator Extended functionality in Ujigami ensures fastest material delivery times
Adjustments Automatic adjustments can be made during pick/put functions in Ujigami
Lot/Serial Tracking Ujigami supports many different storage and picking strategies
Expiry Management Customer specific strategies can be added
Order Allocation Customer business rules can be applied in Ujigami to suit specific requirements
Batch/Wave Planning Ujigami features a dynamic batch and wave functionality that allows orders to be added, removed and held at any time
Shipping Ujigami supports multi-carrier shipping using direct interfaces
Returns Ujigami includes ability to inspect and mark/ track defects, and show order status
Multi Zone Ujigami has totally flexible, unlimited zone management functions
Kitting Kitting functions include advanced Mistake-Proofing options (scan, directed, GPS)
Pick-to-Light Maximum flexibility, robust error-proofing, hardware independent, minimal hardware requirements, no PLC programming, directs replacement stocking
Put-to-Light Same features as Pick-to-Light
Advanced Light Functions Location Status and other advanced functions available at the light module
EOL Workflow Ujigami's high speed processing reduces size and footprint requirements
Interface to MRP Ujigami can be customized to integrate with any system with any interface scheme
Interface to Equipment Ujigami's strength is its ability to interface in real-time with all plant floor equipment
Ability to develop new interfaces Tutelar ensures all equipment works seamlessly, including developing new interfaces as required
Flexible Carousel Management Comprehensive carousel functions to maximize the ROI for carousel installations
AGV Management and Control Industry leading Automated Guided Vehicle module improves AGV system performance. Control the AGVs from a web-page on your phone
Conveyor Control Flexible routing rules and real-time decision making can control any conveyor
High Speed Conveyor Control Eliminates need for communication buffer zones and reduces conveyor length
Web Based Views & Reports Able to access system and reports from any device with a browser
Low Cost/Maintenance Hardware Any device with a browser may be used for the user interface and management reporting (computer scanners, tablets, computers, smart phones, etc.)

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