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Ujigami World Class Manufacturing

Who Benefits from Ujigami

Everyone in the organization should use and benefit from 
    the Ujigami advantage:

  • Operators
    • high speed system eliminates delays
    • receive real-time instruction
    • visual work guidances
    • easy And-On interface to get help
    • ability to mark defects and contain bad product
  • Supervisors
    • fastest throughput improves productivity
    • comprehensive mistake-proofing to eliminate errors
    • know only certified operators are performing work
    • simple overview of plant with easy access to details
    • real-time notification of problems
    • summary and detail reports to highlight areas for improvement
  • Engineers
    • easy to configure and maintain
    • start small and build capability/capacity as requirements dictate
    • permits extensive process logic and mistake-proofing
    • interfaces with all plant-floor devices
    • provides focus on Continuous Improvement requirements and results
    • access from any web-enabled device
  • Managers
    • plant overview with easy drill-down capability
    • Dock-to-Dock management and control
    • standardized reports (productivity, quality, delivery)
    • one source for all key information
  • IT Department
    • easy installation and maintenance
    • seamless integration with enterprise systems
    • no special hardware configuration; plug it in and go
    • current database and HMI technology
    • extensive security management
    • requires no database maintenance (pruning/archiving)
  • Maintenance
    • reduce complexity of plant floor equipment
    • issues can be identified and corrected remotely
  • Integrators
    • reduced cost and complexity of custom solutions; shorter lead-times to delivery
    • advanced features can now be included in the equipment
    • full support during development and implementation
  • Finance
    • cost competitive
    • no extra hidden fees or change costs
    • completely integrated with enterprise financial systems

Ujigami™ WMS delivers all of the features and benefits to make your warehouse operation a success.


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