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How To Achieve Zero Defects -

How To Achieve Zero Defects<br/>
by Floyd Dickson, Tutelar Technologies Inc.<br/>
Why lose customers due to poor quality?
Is there a better way to manufacture today?<br/>
Customers are demanding zero defects. Product quality
has to be at the highest levels ever. Being “good enough”
is no longer good enough.<br/>
A Better Way<br/>
A Product Directed Manufacturing System (PDMS) takes a
different approach and changes the manufacturing paradigm
from statistical process control to individual part control. A PDMS
knows every step that is required to build each part, then
controls all operations to ensure every step is completed
By knowing the roadmap that each part needs to follow, and
where each part is on that roadmap at all times, Product Directed
Manufacturing significantly simplifies mistake-proofing and
problem resolution in your plant.<br/>
Lean and Six Sigma are Behavioral Solutions which rely upon
people to understand the tools, implement them, and then follow
the “right way”. In comparison, Product Directed Manufacturing is
a Technical Solution using hardware and software that is
configured to control the operations of your plant. And PDMS
also provides the SPC tools required for continuous improvement.<br/>
A Product Directed Manufacturing System
simplifies today's complex manufacturing
environment and delivers zero defects.<br/>
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