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Manufacturing Made Better

We need a better plant floor system! One that can:

  • be easily setup & modified by our staff,

  • coordinate build requirements,

  • control the flow of parts,

  • report on results,

  • use existing hardware,

  • support all plant floor devices, and

  • seamlessly integrate to our ERP.

With a pending new model launch, a major auto parts manufacturer required a new component assembly line for 21 operators, automated machines, inspection stations, and robotics. Frustrated with the on-going expenditures to their existing vendor every time a change was required, the Engineering Team decided to look for a better alternative.

After carefully considering several options, Tutelar Technologies' Ujigami™ system was selected. "Being 100% browser-based, Ujigami is intuitively easy to configure. We can make changes ourselves in less time than it took to call our previous vendor to quote making the changes for us." Tutelar Technologies worked directly with the equipment vendors to create an integrated plantfloor environment. Total installation time was 6 weeks.

The production team is enthusiastic about Ujigami™. They quickly discovered that their old system had inherent delays waiting for database updates and information downloads. Now with no delays, the faster operator cycle times provide 12% efficiency gains. Rearranging workstations and operator content is quickly accomplished during breaks, resulting in no lost time for Continuous Improvement activities.

As a result of the outstanding success of the new line, the plant accelerated plans to install Ujigami™ on all other existing manufacturing lines.

Let the Ujigami Guy take care of your business!
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