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Consulting Support and Service

Our knowledgeable, experienced team works with your staff to identify and deploy productivity and quality opportunities within your manufacturing environment. We will work with your organization to collect and review relevant inputs:

  • Voice of the Customer, including complaints and recommendations from both internal and external customers.

  • Business Plan Requirements, identifying required quality or productivity results and any business constraints.

  • Product / Process Benchmarks, to identify the gap between the current status and the benchmark (s).

  • Product / Process Assumptions, that may correctly or incorrectly identify technical or process features.

  • Product / Process Reliability Studies, to consider the frequency and severity of repair, scrap, downtime, etc.

Once complete, we develop specific outputs and objects to guide the improvements:

  • Design Goals, outlining the proposed architecture of the solution.

  • Reliability and Quality Goals, identifying the productivity and quality improvements required.

  • Bill of Material Changes, to establish the hardware and software components necessary.

  • Process Flow Chart Modifications, to describe the required process changes.

  • Special Product and Process Characteristics, that the solution must manage or control.

  • Risk Assessment, explaining the risks that must be managed for a successful implementation.

  • Management Support, summarizing the interest, commitment, and support of upper management.

We suggest these items be reviewed at a Key Stakeholders Meeting, to solicit and obtain appropriate support.

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