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Frequently Asked Questions

Ujigami Software

Q. If I use a web browser to make changes, does this mean that a Tutelar computer is running the program and Tutelar hosts my data?

A. No, Ujigami software is not Software as a Service (SaaS). Most of our customers run Ujigami on their own servers in their own plants. This avoids the problems of latency (Ujigami provides real-time control), and potential downtime caused by a lost internet connection. Tutelar is hosting the Ujigami software for several customers who require their operators to "roam" between sites but this is not a normal requirement.

Q. What kind of server is required to run Ujigami?

A. Ujigami is a very efficient software program that maximizes the power of any server. Although many of our customers choose to run Ujigami in a virtual server environment to achieve automatic hardware failover protection, Ujigami is quite capable of running on any low cost server. A typical "starter" server can be purchased today for under $2,000.

Q. What are the advantages of the Ujigami software running on a server instead of PCs and/or PLCs on the plant floor?

A. Although Ujigami provides real-time control of plant floor activities, Tutelar does not believe computers belong in this harsh environment. By running Ujigami on a server that resides in an IT server room, the computer enjoys an ideal environment and is easily serviced by IT staff if required. Uptime, security, and performance are maximized on the server.

Q. What hardware is required for an operator workstation?

A. Ujigami software will work on any computer or device with a web-browser. This means any computer, notebook, thinclient, tablet, smart phone, HMI, mobile devices, etc. Tutelar recommends limiting the number of moving parts (e.g. fans, hard drives, keyboards, mice) for a device that resides on the plant floor to reduce the likelihood of failure. A 23" touchscreen thinclient computer (no hard drive, fan, keyboard, or mouse) may be purchased for under $700 and is idea for an operator workstation. For operators who require more mobility (e.g. forklift drivers) or to reduce workstation investment, any tablet computer works well.

Q. Can I use the computers and devices that I already have?

A. Yes. Although Tutelar recommends that customers use the latest advances in software and hardware, any device with a web-browser may be used to interact with Ujigami. Please see the question above for more information.

Web Site

Q. Why am I asked for a user name and password when I select 'Edit Page' at the bottom of your web pages.

A. The 'Edit Page' link allows our web authors to easily perform on-line updates to this site. Please contact us if you would like more information about this standard feature of Spiderworks.

Q. Why did you try to obfuscate the e-mail addresses on the contacts page?

A. Unfortunately, spammers have started using "robots" to search for new e-mail addresses on web pages. Although the code used to "hide" our real e-mail addresses is very simple, it should be enough to foil the "spambots". For more information, please see the Coalition Against Unsolicited Comercial Email and many others listed on Google.

Q. Why does your web-site look different depending upon which browser I am using? Using older browsers, your site looks very plain.

A. We have tried to design and develop this site to adhere to Internet standards. As such, there is only one version of this site. We do not use any special tricks to try to ensure this site looks optimum on all possible browsers. If this site does not look good in your current browser, we recommend that you upgrade your browser to the latest version. You can read more about a 'grassroots' effort for web standards at The Web Standards Project. You can read about our efforts here.

Q. Why does the text in the titles on your web pages have jagged edges? It doesn't look very good.

A. All information on our site is in text format. This ensures that the pages load quickly and all text is fully searchable. Many other sites use pictures for large font sizes. You can fix the 'jaggy' edges of your text by turning on 'Smooth edges of screen fonts'. In Windows, select Display from Control Panel, then make sure 'Smooth edges of screen fonts' is checked on the Effects tab.

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