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Installation Integration

During Installation Integration, our team rapidly implements and validates the customized solution for your manufacturing facility. Upon completion, the solution is producing quality parts in your facility, realizing the desired benefits.

Various inputs may be used for this phase:

  • Process Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (PFMEA)
  • Process Flow Diagram (PFD)
  • Control Plan
  • Trial Test Plan
  • Engineering Specifications and Drawings and Software Flowcharts
  • New Equipment, Tooling and Facilities
  • Team Feasibility Commitment and Management Support 

The following outputs are a direct result of the Installation Integration phase:

  • Production Trial Run, using complete production hardware and software validates the effectiveness of the manufacturing solution. A typical measurement is First Time Capability (FTC).

  • Measurement Systems Evaluation, is used to check the control plan identified characteristics to engineering specifications. 

  •  Process Capability Study is performed on characteristics identified in the Control Plan and indicates the readiness of the process from production.

  • Customer Approval confirms that the solution meets the project requirements.

  • Production Control Plan and Process Instructions are reviewed and updated to reflect the addition/deletion of controls based on experience gained by producing parts.

  • User and Support Staff Training is completed to familiarize people with the correct operation of the system.

We hold a Pre-Production meeting to review all outputs and coordinate a formal Quality Planning sign-off. During this meeting we review the outputs of this Installation Integration phase, and agree upon a suitable method of early production containment (eg. run systems in parallel).

Following this phase, the production phase begins where all special and common causes of variation are present. Common cause variation is quickly identified and eliminated with by adjusting Ujigami's configuration. In addition, Ujigami is the only plant floor system with Artificial Intelligence capabilities to identify special cause variation and automatically resolve/contain the cause. To ensure additional benefits are realized, Ujigami provides many reports and analyses to be used to drive Continuous Improvement.

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